Are you looking for local power washing companies for your house or commercial space? We are proud to tell you that we are exactly what you need. Use our Philip's Maintenance LLC team whenever you want to have things cleaned. After trying every available cleaning product, you almost feel like giving up. We believe that anything can get clean again if the experts are using the right tools. We have both professional cleaners and power washing tools to clean any surface.

Our experience has made Philip's Maintenance LLC one of the best pressure washing companies. The best part is that you don’t have to look for us all over the world. We are right next door in Slidell, LA. So, come to us if you are anywhere in Slidell, LA or in the vicinity areas like Hammond, Covington, Madisonville, or Mandeville. If you think your driveway is too dirty and can’t get it clean again, just show it to us. We love a challenge and most of all we love to surprise you with our skills. When you look for pressure washing companies, you want high quality but also a low cost. Come to our location in Slidell, LA and you will see that we have both.

Local power washing companies should be more than just simple businesses. We want to help people live in a safe and clean space. Do you want to take advantage of our skills, experience, and low prices? Get in touch and tell us where to come. We will bring our quality pressure washers and we will get the job done. Just relax and let us handle the cleaning!

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