How important is having a clean home environment and business space? If you tried anything that was in your power and it still didn’t look clean enough, it’s time to ask for our help! At Philip's Maintenance LLC, we provide business and residential power washing. We have the performant equipment and a team of professional cleaners ready to transform any space into a clean haven.

Whether you need us for your house or for commercial power washing, we are always ready for duty. Without power washing, it might take you hours to clean that patio. At the end of the day, you will be disappointed to see that it was all a waste of time. Our team can make everything clean again in a short period. We are located nearby your house in Covington, LA. You can also get in touch with our Philip's Maintenance LLC team if you live in the vicinity areas like Mandeville, Madisonville, Hammond, or Slidell.

Sometimes the normal vacuum cleaner and mop are not powerful enough to get rid of the dirt that was accumulated over time. Luckily, nothing is strong enough for our ultra-powerful cleaning machines. If you are spring cleaning, don’t forget to call us for some residential power washing. If you have a business, you probably know how important first impressions are for potential clients. If they notice that you can’t do the maintenance in your own space, they will not trust you with their money. Our commercial power washing service is affordable and you can use us to impress customers.

Come to our main location in Covington, LA today! You will not even recognize your home or commercial space by the time we are done. Our main goal is to serve you and help you live in a nicer and cleaner environment.

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